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      Welcome to the enchanting world of Selenite at Power Healing Crystals, where our curated collection of Selenite crystals invites you to explore the diverse and mesmerizing forms of this powerful stone. In our Crystal Selenite category, you'll discover a variety of shapes and carvings that showcase the beauty and metaphysical properties of Selenite.

      Indulge in the elegance of Selenite Towers, each piece standing tall as a beacon of light and purity. Embrace the versatility of Selenite Sticks, perfect for energy cleansing and chakra alignment. Elevate your spiritual practice with our Giant Selenite Wands, commanding attention with their majestic presence.

      For those seeking harmony and balance, explore the smooth curves of our Selenite Spheres or the gentle energy radiating from our Selenite Hearts. Experience the ancient energy of the pyramids with our Selenite Pyramids or amplify your intentions with a Selenite Charging Plate.

      Our collection extends to artistic carvings, including the delicate beauty of Selenite Moon Carvings and Angel Sculptures. Uncover the mysteries of the universe with our Star Sculptures in Selenite or delve into spiritual realms with the sacred geometry of Selenite Merkabas.

      Transform your space with functional yet aesthetic pieces such as Selenite Lamps or infuse your surroundings with love using our Selenite Heart carvings. From the symbolic Lotus to the intriguing Freeform and Spiral carvings, our Selenite selection is vast and versatile.

      Experience the power of Selenite, renowned for its ability to cleanse and purify energy. Use it to create a protective aura around yourself, your space, or your crystals. Whether you're drawn to the calming energy of Selenite Hearts or the transformative properties of the Selenite Skull, each piece in our collection is thoughtfully chosen to enhance your spiritual journey.

      Discover the magic of Selenite at Power Healing Crystals, where you can explore forms such as Selenite Tower, Selenite Stick, Giant Selenite Wand, Selenite Sphere, Selenite Heart, Selenite Pyramid, Selenite Charging Plate, Selenite Moon Carving, Selenite Angel Carving, Selenite Egg, Selenite Flower Carving, Selenite Cube, Selenite Fish Carving, Star Sculpture in Selenite, Selenite Point Carving, Selenite Skull Carving, Selenite Merkaba, Selenite Obelisk, Selenite Lotus Carving, Selenite Freeform Carving, Selenite Spiral Carving, Selenite Lamp, and Selenite Heart, among many others. Bring the pure energy of these exquisite crystal forms into your life and embark on a journey of holistic well-being.